1 Day Zip line tour Maras Moray and salt mines by Bus – All day

Embark on the perfect adventure with our 6-hour tour starting at the vibrant «Plaza Regocijo.» Our journey kicks off with a scenic bus ride to the awe-inspiring Moray archaeological center, featuring mysterious circular terraces that served as an Incan agricultural laboratory. Next, we’ll explore the artisanal salt extraction site of Maras, a mesmerizing landscape of salt mines. The excitement continues as we head to Racchi, nestled in a natural paradise, offering an exhilarating zip line experience. Soar through the Andean mountain range, witness the beauty of the Sacred Valley, and immerse yourself in the lively culture of the Racchi community. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable exploration of history, nature, and adventure!
  • The perfect tour consists of a pick-up in the “Plaza Regocijo”, where we’ll be beginning the trip by bus to the archeological center of Moray. Moray is a set of circular terraces that were used as an agricultural laboratory by the Incas. After this tour, we will continue by bus to the salt mines of Maras, which is an artisanal salt extraction location. After that we will continue to Racchi which is located in the middle of a magnificent natural paradise where we will begin the zip line and feel as though we are flying through the air! Through the flight on the zip line the participant will have the ability to appreciate the various Andean mountain range landscape, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the lively culture of the Racchi community. The duration of this tour is 6 hours total.

    • Transportation (travel to zipline from Cusco and return to Cusco)
    • Ziplining instructor
    • Video or photography services
    • Water
    • Snack
    • Camera
    • Light jacket
    • Comfortable clothes for ziplining
    • Shoes other than sandals (sandals are not permitted!)

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