ziplining tour + biking to moray + salt


All day Ziplining tour + Biking to Moray + Salt mines of Maras - All day

The perfect tour for private groups consists of a pick-up in the Plaza Regocijos, where the beginning of the trip to Racchi will begin. Racchi is located in the middle of magnificent natural paradise where we will begin the zipline and feel as though we are flying through the air! Through the flight on the zipline the participant will have the ability to appreciate the various Andean mountains and paradises, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the lively culture of the Racchi community.

We will continue our tour in bike to Moray. Moray is a set of circular terraces that were used as an amphitheater and an agricultural laboratory by the Incas. Then we will continue on bike to the salt mines of Maras, which is an artisanal salt extraction location. The bike trip travels through hills and plains while surrounded by the beautiful Andean mountain range. Following our tour at the salt mines, we will return to Cusco in bus

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