ZIPLINE:this activity glides above or through the heart of the trees, while crossing a ravine, a river, and a canyon by using safety-assured pulleys, harnesses, and a system to control the velocity of the ride. The zipline uses a system of cables and exact points of trajectory depending on the with the elevation of the cables, and a sufficient incline so that the pulleys can slide along smoothly with gravity.

Cusco Zip line.

The zipline is located 35km (or 22 miles) outside of Cusco, an estimated 40 minute trip, in the village of Racchi. This village is located in the Sacred Valley region and the middle of a natural paradise known as the Chinchero plateau, near the P’acchayoc canyon and in the shadows of the the snow-capped peaks of Chicon and Pitusiray.

The Cusco zipline has 4 different cables that extend for a distance of 600 meters ( or approxamately 2,000 feet), the highest of which is at a height of 200 meters (or 700 feet) in the air.

The first cable is very smooth so that the participant can start the ride with confidence and has a chance to become comfortable with the activity.

The second cable travels at a slightly higher velocity so that the participant can imagine the sensation of flying through the air!

The third cable is the longest when the participant has the ability to travel in various extreme positions if they desire, such as upside down, monkey-style, or whatever position you invent!


The fourth cable is the highest cable with the best and most beautiful views of the P’acchayoc canyon, the Sacred Valley, and the surrounding Andes Mountains. 


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